Psalms of Life

Frustrations, elations and questions set in poetry

Psalms of Life is a book and collection of fifty poems written reflecting a variety of experiences and ups and downs of a relationship with God. Ideal for personal reflection, encouraging others and some have been used as illustrative material in sermons.

Here are 3 examples:


Father God I know that when I have nothing
Then I have you;
When all the parts of my complicated world
Become dislodged and no longer seem to function
As I would like,
I know that, as it all begins to fall apart,
When everything I have planned and done
Comes to nothing
Then I have you.
As you strip away all the periphery,
Everything that I have made
Into walls of security for myself,
As you lay me bare
So that all I have is nothing….
Then I have you.

Some of these poems honour God, some question Him, some accuse Him. I don't believe God is disturbed by that, providing you actually talk to Him.

Everyone feels. Something. It could be pain, happiness, hurt, loneliness, bliss….but everyone feels.

Through this selection of poems, written in an intensely powerful and personal style, you will explore your feelings. You will put them into words - your heart will sing as you read, or possibly ache as you cry. You will smile, wonder, ponder, or possibly even argue: but you will, in the quietness of your soul - hopefully - understand.

Read the book alone, read it out loud, read it to a friend, read it with a friend. Read it from cover to cover, or read it every now and then. Read it and re-read it - each time you'll discover something new.

Although written from a perspective of someone who knows God, (and who believes the ultimate answers lie in a relationship with God), you don't have to share the same beliefs to identify with joy….despair…. hurt….tranquillity.

If you want to share a specific emotion, there is an index at the back of the book to help you. If you do know God I hope this helps you to be closer to Him. If you don't, I hope you find something that helps you on your journey through life.


In the normality of life
When the world just gently ambles by
And nothing much appears to be happening,

In the hustle and bustle of a busy day
When it seems I couldn't fit
Another minute in for fear the day would burst;

In the quiet me where no one is allowed
Or disturbs the peace
Where I sit or lie or stand staring but not looking,
Thinking but at the same time thoughtless.

As I walk down and up and over hills
Which gradually bring me nearer to far away
And older and wiser from youthful ignorance,

In the whirligig world of dreams, hopes,
Whims and aspirations,

It is good to know that you are in control.


Who drew the veil over the sun,
Why did you allow the winds to
Blow away my dreams?
Why the despair and sorrow,
Why is everything black and bleak?
You allowed what was, to become nothing
You allowed the happiness to turn to bitterness
And I do not know why.

But you know.
If only I learnt to trust you
And the ways you have,
It would not matter.
You created the wind,
You made the sun,
You ordered darkness.
Dreams you gave you take away -
As if I was the keeper, not the owner.
Yours is rightfully the honour,
Pride of place and glory;
Do not let me take that from you.
If I lose everything else
Do not let me lose my humility,
For then I have lost everything.

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