Box Hill a place in Southern England (Surrey) that explodes in Summer on a Sunday. On a good sunny day, literally thousands of bikers pile down there and eat burgers, drink tea and ride their bikes up and down the straights. When the Police aren't looking, some people time trial a straight or pull wheelies for as long as possible.

It's a great atmosphere and the sound of bikes revving hard really does make your heart beat faster - it's such a fantastic sound. The odd boy racer goes down too and shows off their souped up Escort/Vauxhall/Subaru, but they always get blown away. The best recent moment happened at the exit to the car park when some guy was revving his car engine and screeching the tyres and then braking hard. As he exited the park, he stalled and rolled back - and about 800 people cheered (jeered ?). I have also overheard someone whose car was for sale talking about the merits of his acceleration and 0-60 times to a biker who had a machine that pulls to 60 m.p.h. in under 3 seconds and tops out at 185 m.p.h. Needless to say, the biker looked bored.

There must be a local Sevens club because often we see a few of them parked down there - here's a picture of one.

Lotus Seven at Box Hill

The Christian Motorcyclists Association are a nice bunch of people who do a lot of charity work and run a helmet park at Box Hill every Summer (20p for anything you can stuff into a bag). All the money raised goes to three local charities and the bikers are very generous. However you have to be committed to a thing like that and sometimes in England it's not always sunny....

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