My restoration (to date !)

Stopping it from being knicked....

Inside driver's doorSecurity was going to be a problem - this car was not going to go unnoticed by people. As it's also quite rare car, it wasn't going to be long before someone worked out who it belonged to and 'borrowed' it without asking. Marina door handles and 1976 technology was not going to stop a determined thief, so, without going into too much detail (for obvious reasons) various non-standard systems were installed. In the U.K. your average professional thief will apparently spend no longer than a minute - maximum - attempting to steal a car. Your average joy rider spends no longer than 5 minutes and the best deterrents are tested to see if they can withstand 5 minutes constant abuse. It seems that nothing is thief PROOF, but if you put enough obstacles in the way, all but the most determined won't bother. As advice on a standard level, I would suggest fitting an alarm/immobiliser and any or all of Tracker, Data-Tag and micro dots (standard issue with British sales of the Jaguar XK8).

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