My restoration (to date !)


Taking the Dellortos apartThe Dellorto carburettors apparently make quite a bit of difference to the more normal set up of Zenith Stromburgs - however the Dellortos were supplied when I bought the car, so I saw no reason to change them. They were rusted at the butterfly valves and the float chambers were full of green stuff. Either someone had had one almighty sneeze in there, or there was some serious oxidisation going on. In addition to this, there was what appeared to be calcium residue and sawdust in the chambers. Armed with carb cleaner, a hefty screwdriver (to free the seized bolts), 500 ml of light oil and some spray/penetrating oil I set to work. Oh, I also had a hammer. If all else fails, hitting things with a large hammer sometimes works. Well, it makes you feel better anyway. It took me four hours each side to bring the carbs up to something like working order. The butterfly valves actually opened and closed now and you could see light at the end of the needles. Unfortunately the holder for one of them looked like it had been crimped and I had to find a replacement - not easy. My local Lotus dealer suggested Datum Carburettors in Hersham and I took a trip up there - to discover that their retail outlet had shut down. Not to be outdone, I rang on the door and apologised, explaining my desperation. A very nice chap who knew all about Dellortos found me exactly the part I needed, along with a filter and charged me next to nothing, saying that I could always 'phone him for advice. What a lovely bloke ! The diaphragms moved freely and, most encouragingly, everything went back together the same way it came apart - with no spare parts. Maybe I had done it right after all ! All that remained now was to fit them to the engine and see what they sounded like when (if !) she fired up.

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