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Sound insulation

I'm putting sound insulation into the Eclat - and I'm not sure where it goes !! Also, how is it fixed ? Carpet tape? Glue ?

It's fixed using a spray on contact cement. 3M #8089 or better.

Does it go in the bonnet (hood) compartment ?

That's a heat resistant foam, glued on. You may need to look for an alternative type of material. Inquire at an auto upholstery shop to which type of glue is heat resistant. As for the material, there is an aluminium faced, waterproof jute used for that purpose, but I wouldn't know where to get it in the UK. Aluminium side goes towards the heat source. A 4' X 6' roll is US$22.

Or does it go under the carpet inside - but then the carpet will look 'bulky'.

A heavy insulation is glued onto the inner forward bulkhead, down to the floor pan. Same stuff goes on the top and sides of the center console. This is used primarily to keep out the engine heat. A jute material goes on the floor pan, under the carpet inserts. This is known to automotive upholstery shops. The inner sills have the carpet glued on directly. All the carpet is glued to the insulation, except the 4 carpet inserts, which are held fast by "snaps", so they may be removed to be cleaned.

You can also remove the rear quarter side panels and glue jute or some other insulation to the inner side of the car body. This helps to eliminate transmitted noise.

Some indication of what is needed is shown in sections "VC and VD" of the parts manual.

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