Oil filters (2 articles)

Filter numbers

The following filters will fit and work. Brand loyalty and quality are your choice.

Lotus........... A907E6000WH
MG.............. MGB/ MGB-GT
SAAB......... 99/ 900/ 9000
Ford............ 289/302/351W V8's, 1.6/2.0/2.3 4 cyl's, 2.8 V6
FoMoCo..... DIRY-6731A
Motorcraft.. FL-300
Purolator..... L10017* PER 17 PER-8100
Lee.............. LF-17HP LF-16 LF-16HP
Fram........... PH-43* PH 16 PH-3963
AC............... PF-13* PF-20
Champion.. PH-228

Remote oil filter

In a moment of wild abandon, I purchased a remote oil filter kit from Summit. I really hate the mess when I change oil on the Eclat. The catalog said it uses a Fram PH-8A filter. Since the car is a LHD model, I think I have enough room, but I won't be able to install it until I go to pick up the car when the repairs are completed. So now I'll ask: Has anyone ever done this on the 907?

Yes. You can mount the filter bracket on the vertical flat on the bulkhead between the fuse box and the spark coil. Where the brake booster would have been mounted if the car were RHD. This is so nice, you can change filters with "no muss, no fuss... and Bob's your uncle!"

The point I was trying to make and failed miserably at was that there is already an adaptor there for the oil cooler so why add another for the filter?

Simplify! Add lightness! How? Just yank the existing "sandwich" plate and replace it with the remoting "cover" instead. That's how my 907 (1976 Elite 503 S1) is configured. Oil cooler in series (3 lines total).

My personal preference is to push oil through the *filter first* as hot oil is thinner and flows better. Less pressure drop that way.

Just be sure to plumb the center fitting of the pump to the center of the adaptor (and edge to edge) - with one of those routed through the cooler. The PH-8A is double the size of the PH-16. That's good - more surface!

PH-8A's have a fairly low bypass setting (7psi?). Some folks say this is bad and will let dirt get by. I don't agree. The low pressure valve means less pressure drop (especially running from a cold start). Any dirt is already caught in the filter material and not real likely to get dislodged, as the "boundary flow" of fluid across a surface is almost nil. (If it weren't so, the dust wouldn't stick to your car at 75 MPH and you could skip a few washes!) I don't let my filters stay on long enough to build up much stuff anyway.

My Europa S2 is remoted, too. There was never enough room on the side of the block for a decent sized filter. I don't trust those teeny-tiny ones. I've used a lot of PH-8A's over the years (but I've switched to AMSOIL).

Yes, I have a remote filter on the 907 Jensen-healey. Your remote filter probably uses a GM style filter, and a number of permanent, re-usable filters can be used. I've used a System 1 filter (from Summit), but the Canton/Mecca filters are also quite good. Does your kit have the right adapter to fit the Lotus filter? I beleive, but can't remember exactly, but the threads on the adapter are the same as for Fords. The adapter should be 3/4" -16 thread, there may be 2 5/8" O-ring to seal the adapter to the oil pump

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