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THE FIRST THING TO SAY ABOUT THESE PAGES IS THAT THEY ARE WRITTEN BY AN AMATEUR. They are also written by someone who has the mental age of 3 - and you wouldn't ask a three year old how to fix your car now would you ? (Come to think of it, the Lotus IS really only a Meccano set.....)

Anyway, the point is that no responsibility can be taken by me for any information given in any of this website. It is an enthusiast's site, not a professional's site - if you want reliable information that has 'comeback' on it GO TO A LOTUS DEALER !!!

Having said that, I do hope that my experiences, and those of others recounted here, will help you with whatever Lotus problem you have. There is also a whole wealth of experience on the Lotus internet list and the 4 seaters list - friendly guys who really know their onions (and their Lotuses).

So - on to the interesting bit....

This is just hard facts and fixes here (and a page on what to check for if you're thinking of buying a Lotus). If you click on any links, they will take you to pages on the site that are more descriptive of my experiences on my own restoration. (You'll be able to come back though).

Yes, O.K., I've read all this page and I promise not to sue you if you advise me to do something like use grinding paste instead of oil in the engine. Now take me to the pages please.... (By clicking here you state you have read, understood, agree with and accept the contents and spirit of this page)

By clicking this page you state that you either

1) can't read or
2) don't trust me or
3) were looking to sue me but now can't or
4) have lost interest and would prefer to get a beer out of the fridge instead.

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