Exterior body (3 articles)

Fibre glass work

Try Miles Wilkins at Fibreglass Services near Bognor Regis.
Phone: 01243 554422

Take it to Peter Day, or to Gerald Turner (Peter's ex-chief mechanic).

Fibre glass work 2

You can phone Gerald on 07788 140750 -- that's the mobile, or his home number is 01638 742946. Location is Reach, roughly between Cambridge and Newmarket.

General work

Go to http://www.findit.co.uk/uk/cars/lotus/services/stevewilliams.htm and contact Steve. He does work on my Excel when I don't have the time/expertise. He knows what he's talking about and his work is good quality and much cheaper than main dealers. Lotus will actually honour warranties when Steve has worked on the car.

Aluminium brightwork

The side pieces appear easy to remove but the pieces around the windscreen and rear window seem to be bonded to the screen rubber, am I likely to damage them if I attempt to remove them?


Unfortunately, yes - they're only thin, shaped metal. If they're original they should be removable by putting a battery to the elements poking out of the resin holding then on (somewhere!). This heats them up and melts the resin (see your manual). If they've been removed and reattached, you'll have to be REALLY careful and slow,using a sharp knife to slit the bond.

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