Spares Checklist

This isn't claiming to be exhaustive, but it should get you out of most types of trouble....

Ignition system:
Plugs, distributor cap and leads, rotor arm (replace these with new and carry the old ones), points, condenser (some models), spare coil (cheap from breakers)

Cooling System:
Water/coolant, insulation tape (temporary repair to a split hose)

Not much you can do, but have some brake fluid.

Fan belt, wire, spades, bullets, pliers, Scotchlock connectors, spare fuses, jump leads, emery cloth or fine wet and dry sandpaper (for cleaning contacts), photocopy of circuit diagram.

Is the spare OK? Is the jack OK? Are you really sure? Socket to fit the wheel nuts - don't rely on a makers wheelbrace

Socket sets (remember you may need metric, Whitworths AND AF), spanners (ditto), a longish screwdriver, philips, with a good insulated handle (to fit into a plug lead - for checking for a spark ... stuff the end in the plug lead, hold the shaft about 5mm from earthed metal, crank and look for a spark), a good selection of screwdrivers, pliers.

Obviously you can carry as little or as much of this as you want - carrying the whole lot around all the time might be a little excessive! (Though for a maiden voyage on a long time unused car you'd probably be better equipped than the breakdown services....)

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