Rover V8 section - final thoughts

One thing not to forget is that the balance of your front end will change. Get it tracked and realigned - or you may end up with tyres looking like this:

A slightly worn tyre!

Re-cored radiator

And don't forget that your engine will probably require at the very least a perfectly clean radiator - and preferably an uprated one. Aaron Radiators did mine for me (after laughing at my old one - it had already been seriously bodged - AND I'd been using it for the 2 years I had the 907 in!)

Well that's pretty much it - that's more or less the story of my V8 conversion. Did I enjoy it? An unequivocal "Yes". Did I learn lots? More than I could have hoped for. Would I do it again? Weeell.... possibly. Time is that main factor. Fitting this kind of a thing in over weekends will take you ages - and it's not as if you can organise to take a week off work as just one problem could stop all your progress for (e.g.) 5 days). A time scale is a nice idea - but don't be surprised when life gets in the way!!!

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