Rover V8 section

Before attempting a rebuild/engine replacement of this magnitude, you need a number of tools. This is just my personal list, but it is from experience....

Allen keys
Angle grinder
Blow torch
Cold chisels
Extension lead
Goggles for safety
Hammers - assorted from light pin hammers, claw hammers, club hammers and sledge hammers (honestly, they can be used legitimately! [Well, maybe not the sledge hammer.])
Hole punches
Impact driver
Metal files
Mole grips
Pipe wrench
Pliers (bull nosed and long nosed)
Rubber mallets
Screw drivers (decent selection of both Philips, flat head and Pozi-drive)
Socket sets (various sizes) including some extra large sockets (24mm, 27mm, 28mm, 30mm)
Spanners of all sizes (including some large ones - see socket sets)
Stanley knives
Tap and die set
Tape measure
Torque wrenches
Trolley jack
Welding set
Wire cutters
Wire brushes

O.K., so it's a boring list....try this page of tools for a bit of fun - they're not my creation (grateful acknowledgement to whoever you are), but someone's got a very accurate sense of humour!

I got all my stuff together and was surprised at how easy it all was to do. With the Haynes manual and a bit of common sense it actually went fairly smoothly - just following a set of instructions. It has to be said that Haynes, whilst very good generally speaking, can be on occasion less than clear. Again, this isn't my creation, but this will give you an idea....

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