Rover V8 section

Even though no one else could see how wonderful this hay and dung covered engine was going to be, I was excited. The first thing it needed was a jet wash which made the engine look much.....wetter. Oh well, I could clean it later.

Still, it had to get from the front of the house to the garage and we couldn't go through the garage - which left only one option: through the house. This meant negotiations with the Boss (she who holds spanners patiently, pumps brake pedals and stands for "only a few minutes" in the freezing cold pouring rain), the like of which would have made the Northern Ireland peace talks look like a playground argument.

Many promises (from me) and death threats (from her) later, and the process began. I'm not sure if I sweated more from the exertion (dragging an engine up a drive, up a set of steps, through a house, up a step, down three more steps, up another step and finally up to a three foot high table) or from the thought of what was going to happen to my dangly bits if so much as a speck of dirt or a scratch sullied the carpets in our house.

Pulling the engine through the houseNeedless to say, it was fun (if you like that kind of thing) and, with extremely grateful thanks to my next door neighbours, the task was executed in such a fashion that my emasculation was not necessary.

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