Coat of arms

The Belchamber coat of arms. Included because I can and because I paid someone for the picture and our history (we came over with Bill the Conquerer and poked Harold in the eye). We used to own most of Essex (UK) in the 1200s but sadly it's all gone and I can't lay claim to any of it now. You can't trust your predecessors to look after anything for you, can you?

You're here because:

a) you came directly from a url - in which case welcome!
b) you were looking for another Belchamber/Bellchamber (look at how many there are - even spelt with only 1 'L') - in which case sorry to disappoint you;
c) you were on the Lotus site and you were curious - in which case you've only got yourself to blame!

This is an extension of the Lotus site as that was the only subject on my page when I first wrote it. However as I've stumbled and trampled through life I've done a few more things which might be interesting. Or indeed not interesting.

Areas which have suffered as a result of my presence are below - click on whichever interests you. In the event of extreme boredom the little house icon at the top of your browser will return you to your home page and you can pretend you never visited my site...

London Ambulance Service and speed hump research

In which I accidentally become a Paramedic and get a degree in tarmac.

The Flora London Marathon

In which I compete with Paula Radcliffe in one of the most famous races in the World. No, another Paula Radcliffe

The New Zealand Tough Guy Challenge (PDF file - hit your 'back' button when you've finished)

In which I run/crawl/swim across/through/over all manner of terrain and obstacles for couple of hours enduring wet, cold and dirt. An experience I paid for and that was described in the literature as 'fun'.
(The pictures are taken on a disposable waterproof camera so they are only average quality)

Taranaki Alpine Club snow course (PDF file - hit your 'back' button when you've finished)

In which I learn how to fall off a mountain properly

Winter ascent of Mount Taranaki, New Zealand (PDF file - hit your 'back' button when you've finished)

In which I emulate Sir Edmund Hillary and conquer the icy slopes of Taranaki's Mount Fuji lookalike and look death in the face on a number of occasions.

...oh alright then: a mate took me up and I was scared.

Round the Mountain cycle challenge

In which I attempt to ride 157 Km (98 miles) around Mount Taranaki and manage to emasculate myself for 24 hours in the process. Honestly.

Winter ascent of of Mount Ruapehu (PDF file - hit your 'back' button when you've finished)

In which I dare to climb an active volcano and lose all my clothes. (Warning: one of these pictures may cause you to feel nauseous!)

Winter ascent of Mount Ngauruhoe (PDF file - hit your 'back' button when you've finished)

In which I climb Mount Doom and bump into a chap called Steven...Simon...Sauron...something like that. Anyway he was a lovely chap, but very cross about someone stealing a ring of his.

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