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Castle Donington, in Leicestershire, England, is as good a place as any to have a Lotus show - it's got a race track and a grand prix museum. People come from all over to buy autojumble, fawn over cars and meet up socially. Everyone seems friendly and for a 23 year old car whose parts are as available as rocking horse poo, it's a great place to pick up bits that you need.

I go for a variety of reasons, but in the early days of owning my heap, it was a good place to go and peer through Eclat/Elite windows and under bonnets so that I could see what on Earth an intact model should look like. That way I had half a chance of making mine at least vaguely similar....

Here are some pictures from various Donington visits.

Looking for rocking horse poo !

Looking for bargains

Wondering what the important looking metal bits currently loose in the garage do

Poking around other peoples' cars !

Bygone days....

F1 car

Ooh, that's a nice Eclat !

My Eclat

Me and someone else in Chris Rose's girlfriend's rear view mirror

Rear view mirror

Nice to see an Eleven still being used on the road

Lotus 11

This car has done 4 miles - it's in pristine condition and the owner restored it from a wreck in a barn. He trailers it from show to show....

Maybe I'm missing something, but if you never drive it, what's the point ?


I don't care what you say about Mr. DL, those doors do look good !


Lamborghini Countache


A completely over the top car that found it's way into the Lotus enclosure car park. I love it ! Countache

This Esprit was apparently crashed at a race meeting....


....and lo and behold here it is again at Donington - after the 'phone call to the insurers by the looks of it ! ....fixed !

I must test drive one of these

Esprit GT3 V8

Esprit GT3 V8

Esprit GT3 V8

This Elise was made out of carbon fibre

Carbon fibre Elise Carbon fibre Elise

Look at the number plate....

Rude !

Here is theLotus 340R from various angles. I really like it !

340 spoiler 340 rear

340 engine
340 nose 340 interior

Battery powered Elise
This is a battery pack for an electric Elise. I wonder what the weight is....

An Elite was in extremely good condition

Esprit 2.2
This is a fairly good number plate....


....but how much did this one cost?!

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